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What is the power of taking a kid from darkness to the light?

When you select items from this Hannah House Family catalog, you accomplish several things that matter deeply. You can donate through PayPal.

A Lantern

Lack of electricity in poor communities limits people from being productive after the sunset and prevents children from doing their homeworks. Daytime hours are filled with basic tasks like growing food, toting water, gathering firewood, and cooking food for the day. The lantern gift is of the great importance in the families deprived of electricity.

A Literacy Book Set

For people who live in poverty, work often comes before education because it is more important to eat than to learn . As a result, many adults are illiterate, easily cheated, and lacking in the skills they need to contribute to business and civic life. A literacy book set helps adults learn to read, write, and count so that they can manage a small

A goat

Gives families who live in poverty around the country the opportunity to earn more income to support themselves. Goats also provide essential protein in the family’s diet and manure that builds up the soil to grow more produce for food and sale.


When you give a family in Burundi an adult Pig, they can benefit right away from having pork to eat or sell. The family can also earn income from raising piglets for sale or build up their herd by raising more pigs to breed. Families learn to grow high -protein forage grass that helps


Buying a Cow is like opening a savings account for a family or community in Burundi. It’s a big investment that will improve their lives for years to come with the milk, manure and calves it produces and it’s an asset they can butcher for meat to eat or sell for income


Raising Chickens gives families several great ways to improve their lives. Chickens provide eggs and meat for much needed protein as well as manure to fertilize soil that will grow more fruit and vegetables. Your gift of a Chicken includes some of the cost for the chicken coop, which keeps the chickens and their droppings from getting un- derfoot outside the house.

A Business Training Workshop

Starting a small business successfully takes skill and planning. So, Hannah House Family provides business training in developing communities. Help budding entrepreneurs get their businesses off to a good start with business training workshop. This item includes everything needed for 15 to 20 people to complete a 2-day forum, including materials, a chalkboard with chalk and eraser, poster paper, markers and more.

A Sewing Machine

A sewing machine provides a person who lives in a poor community with the means to put their vocational training to work by earning an income to meet their family’s needs. You can help entrepreneurs make their business start-up dream a reality with a sewing machine

A Micro – Loan

Starting a small business usually means investing money into it to help it grow. In poor communities where food, shelter and water are the biggest concerns, finding start – up capital is just about impossible. You can give a family the opportunity to increase their income so that they can better meet their own basic needs with a micro – loan.

A Villages Savings and Loan Starter kit

Bank and banking system are not available in poor communities, so HANNAH HOUSE FAMILY helps community members set up a self- funded savings pool that they can borrow from. Your gift of a Village Saving and Loan starter kit provides a community with everything they need to start and manage their pooled funds and low interest loans for small business investment, medical emergencies, crop failure and other needs.

Equip a Student for Learning Set

Education comes at a dear prince in families that need every member to contribute to their daily survival. You can equip a student for learning with a literacy set that includes notebooks, pencils a small contribution for the teacher’s stipend and classroom equipment such as a blackboard.