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Building a better world for and with children

We work hard to protect children from harm and help them access quality education and health services.

Direct relief

When disaster strikes, we ensure that children are given care and emotional support to survive, recover and continue to learn and live a normal life.


We create greater access to quality education and ensure that orphans and  vulnerable children are able to learn in safe and positive environment.


We ensure children are safe at all times and prevent their exposure to abuse, neglect, exploitation, and violence.

We do orphanage, vulnerable children, children at risk, help children back to school, equip young people and support widows in order to prepare their holistic development

Become a monthly giver and save a child’s life today

Your regular donation can help to make sure the world’s most vulnerable children and orphans have access to medecine, food, clothes, a home, school materials, etc.

Our stories

Our stories paint a picture of the amazing work Hannah House Family does in Burundi and explore some of the biggest issues facing children today.